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IRIS - Engineering & IR Imaging Services.

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Who are we ?

IRIS, was founded in April 2015, born out of 30 years Preventive Maintenance experience. We are dedicated to Maintenance process improvement and Energy analysis /Management. We specialized in TPM fine tuning, RCM, Assets management, Energy quality analysis and Energy loss detection. Based in this expertise, we provide consulting, training, follow up and predictive maintenance services.
We merge a lifetime of shop floor and hands-on habits with strategic planning and technical knowledge. Following Kaizen methodology, we create development platforms up to defined level of risk /cost ratio. We are committed not only to define "how to do" but also to actively follow concepts development, pinpoint bottlenecks and so do make an active part in implementing changes. This views toghether with client's will, allows reasonable aiming for an OEE of 97,5 ± 0,5% - Otherwise there shall be no reason to use our experience.

We are small. And flexible. We are not yet Quality Management certified but we write what we do and do what we write.

Our clients are Management and systematic Maintenance users with a drive to efficient simplicity.

Our Values:

Continuous improvement. Transparency. Safety and Environment care.

We choose our logo as a yellow tulip, as it stands for Joy. Enjoying every moment of our working - and personal - time, is our underlying major Value.

Our Project:

Reason to exist: We believe in building Lean Maintenance structures including energy losses and energy management savings. We believe that there is a wide range of Maintenance and Corporate Managers that feel the same way, thus creating the space for flexible competent Companies to help in doing it in a shorter time.

Our way to do: Continuous improvement. Systematic use of LL [lessons learnt] and analytical modelling. We follow - and adapt as necessary to the project initial level - Lean6σ, DMAIC, SMED, RAMS, LCC, TPM, Kaizen, PDCA as well as other applicable statistical analysis and behaviour development techniques. We save energy and costs by infrared losses measurement as well as energy quality and consumptions analysis towards - for exemple - optimal equipment start up sequence and production /SMED optimization / programed Maintenance schedule. We do Predictive Maintenance with thermography, vibration analysis and condition monitoring.

Our goal: Build durable partnerships based in Results and Trust.

Our Targets and commitment: We must achieve clear, positive, measurable client's results. 1st year: Build a portfolio of 35 Predictive Maintenance contracts. 3 years: Reach a client's KPI value of 2% in breakdown time (BDT) ratio to effective productive time /Cicle. (OEE). for a 3±0,5% industry standard .

Our Technical People:

João Reis: Senior Maintenance Engineer.Click to see CV.

Talk to us!

We can help you. From our experience, a competent external survey, unbiased by definition, will give you a straight forward 2 to 5% productivity improvement. We are open 24/7

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João Reis

IRIS tulip logo

IRIS - Engineering & IR Imaging Services.

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